Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sleazy Beasley

I can't stand David Beasley. Nobody from outside South Carolina will know who I'm talking about, but for those that do.... If anybody remembers the big controversy over flying the Confederate flag over the state capital, that was during his term as governor. He screwed it up. And now he's running for Senate. David Beasley mucking about in the U.S. Senate is a really frightening thought. I have met him, and he's a smug, smarmy, slick, sleazeball (like the alliteration?) The worst part is, he has the name recognition, so he's got a good chance to win. I have done my part to prevent this. I hope that my candidate, Jim DeMint, gets a chance in a runoff, even after everybody abandoned volunteering for him after Beasley jumped in the race months after everybody else. For my SC people... vote Jim DeMint Tuesday! Keep our Senate safe!


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