Sunday, June 06, 2004

Okay, kids, it's whining time!

Hi internet, how are you? "Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?" I love everything Titanic; I was born on the anniversary of the day it was hit by the iceburg, and they found the wreck the year I was born...But that wasn't what I meant to write about...I bought my sister a CD that she picked out, Linkin Park. And bought it with money I actually earned, so that was good. I feel crappy right now...I made my mother mad again...honeymoon's definitely over. Part of it was her fault, because she wasn't listening to me and doing something that made me mad... but then I was yelling at her for something my father did, cause he wasn't there for me to yell at. He has no concept of personal space...I've told him not to mess with what's mine and not to eat what's mine...which isn't just me being annoying cause there's only certain stuff I can eat...but he does it anyway. He is so aggravating...We moved two years ago and he still hasn't fixed up our old house so we can sell it. He tries to do everything himself and ends up screwing it up...Anyway, he wasn't here tonight and we actually ate about opposed to 10:00. And we actually cooked...but then again it was a special occasion, my sister's birthday dinner...I suppose that completes the griping for today, but I'll be back...Remember D-Day!


At 6/08/2004 07:28:00 PM, Blogger MadPoet39 said...


I just wanted to thank you for the nice things you said about my poems. Most of the folks that visit my site are not even from blogspot! LOL. I mean, I've just had two bloggers from here (and you were one of 'em)leave me a comment so far, etc. So thanks again big time!

BTW~I am totally crazy about the Titanic! I have been interested LONG before the big Hollywood movie came out. I have a really cool framed poster (a 1912 reproduction) of Titanic before it met that darn iceberg, huh? And several stamps (I'm a collector), books, and every movie ever made. Plus all the documentaries! So it's cool to find another fan...

Anyway, good luck with all your studies, and I hope all your dreams come true for you soon. I'm sure they will~because you seem very bright and caring to me, etc. And thanks again for visiting my blog! Feel free to drop by again anytime you wanna, huh? AND KEEP ON BLOGGING BIG TIME!



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