Tuesday, June 08, 2004

For Troy

This is the first time I've attempted free verse, or anything, in a while...I had the love and confidence in creativity sucked out of me, but I hope it's back-let me know...
This is for Troy.

Where have you gone?
You should be here.
Did you know he would kill you?
Why couldn't you stop him?
My life is forever changed
and yours is gone.
It has been eleven years,
yet I dream of you still.
Do you know of the holes you left?
No; you can no longer fill them.
Why? brings no answers.
I am left to cry and wonder
and try to understand.


At 6/10/2004 10:20:00 PM, Blogger MadPoet39 said...

Nettie~the poem is beautiful! You have such an awesome writing talent!

You know, I am sorry that sadly misguided teacher said what she/he did to you. I mean, you clearly have a significant talent here, so there had to be a kind of personal reason behind it, etc.

I was placed in a special class for "intellectually challenged" children when I was an eight year old. And you know what? Not to brag too much here~but my IQ 132? So clearly I am not some kind of "intellectual midget"! LOL.

Hey, I hope you will write and post some more of your wonderful poems! I will certainly take a peek, and leave you a comment, k? And thanks for visiting my blog again! It totally made my day. Please feel free to return as often as you like. In fact, I just posted a new poem this morning! LOL. Hope to chat again soon! KEEP ON BLOGGING BIG TIME!


P.S. I see some other folks are leaving you some comments, huh? Totally awesome! You are a very fine writer (and person). So folks are bound to read your cool blogs...


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