Sunday, September 19, 2004

Death to A D Pi

I'm in a really annoyed mood right now, so thought I'd share why, for whatever reason...
I am reeeeally sick of the A D Pi people practicing their stupid cheers very very loudly outside my dorm window. They start when it begins to get dark and sometimes they go until 1 A.M. I am usually pretty tolerant of noise but they are extremely hard to block out. And they will be doing this every night, it seems, until Homecoming. Which isn't until the 10th of October. And there is nothing we can do about it. Let's hope neither I nor the other unfortunate people also on this side of the building have gone completely INSANE by then.
I'm also getting really sick of being held a virtual prisoner in my room when whichever idiots on the hall and/or the stairs (no elevators by the way) decide to smoke, cause I'm so sensitive to it right now I can't stand to breathe it. Another gripe against the A D Pi people because I had to pass by them tonight coming back from Taco Bell and they were all smoking and my asthma did NOT like that.
It is majorly unfair that my section of chemistry has to turn in our homework on Tuesday before he's even finished the chapter and all the other sections get the benefit of two more class periods to learn the stuff, or try to anyway. I'm now glad that I shelled out the extra bucks to get the book that shows you how to do every problem, but we still shouldn't be expected to know it before it's been taught.
On a more global scale, I think it's scary how much power Putin has managed to take recently. If you look carefully, the people of Russia no longer even have the power to elect their own governors- they will now be appointed. I don't think people in America are noticing, but it just makes you wonder where the situation is going to go.
Aside from my Taco Bell break, I really have been trying to study, but it is freaking impossible to do anything right now. I might actually have to resort to going to the library. The brilliant people here decided to build it down to save on cooling costs, neglecting to realize that it would become really moldy and musty and aggravating. And normally I can't stand the silence but a little of that would be WELCOME right about now...


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