Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Didn't mean to let so long go by...Been having network problems too...And going to the ER three times in a week is no picnic either...But I found a new allergist, who arranged for the tests to make sure what it is I'm allergic to. So that's good. And the pre-med community I'm in is shaping up. We basically started this thing, so there's a lot of kinks to work out. Our advisor is something of a perfectionist, so instead of letting us be leaders, like we're supposed to be, she's been trying to run it. But we got a lot of work done tonight, so hopefully it'll start to go more smoothly. Now if I could just keep from going to the ER every other day...After all, that isn't really the best way to learn about medicine,. although you do see, and hear, some fascinating things when you're sitting in the ER at three in the morning. I pity the poor gentleman who had to listen to me and Kate ask about half-lives. Every time they did something new, I made her come. I'm like, "She wants to watch!" Once they stabilize me, it's not so bad. I get really wired from all the stuff they give me, which is not that much fun at 3 in the morning, but makes for some really funny stories. I still don't want to get hauled off in the ambulance again, even if I am an EMT...


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