Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bring Out the Cavalry

Okay, so I ended up in the freaking ER on Wednesday night. Again. I had another lovely allergic reaction, and this time I don't even know to what. What a great introduction to all my new dormmates- we were at a hall meeting, and when we got out of that, the real fun started. When I went to see my regular doctor the day after she was like, "See, you're getting better at this" and I was just sitting there thinking, "But I don't want to get better at them, I don't want to have any more." I'm also really sick of people thinking I'm a stupid female. Like I told the allergist I went to after my anaphylactic reaction in May that I wanted to be tested to make sure there wasn't anything else I was allergic to, food-wise, and he basically said it wasn't necessary. I mean I do have some medical knowledge here people, I'm an EMT. The paramedic was really nice and understood that. But even in the ER, they treat me like I'm just a nervous wreck, and the fact that my body shakes so violently from the medicines I get doesn't help either, I suppose. But everybody's always like, "Just calm down," and if I could actually breathe, I would tell them that I'm not just freaking out, that my body is in the process of shutting down, and if they could just save my life like they're supposed to and not think that I'm a hypochondriac, everything would be great. I have faith in modern medicine to save me when I'm essentially dying. It just annoys me when people don't take me seriously...It's always this one guy that seems to think that I'm exaggerating or hyperventilating or something. Most of them are pretty nice about it. Wow, this has turned into a long diatribe on subjects unknown. Might as well keep going. I'm mad becuase all summer I was so careful and didn't eat a lot of stuff that I wanted to because of the chance that it might be cross-contaminated with shellfish, and in the end it doesn't even matter...I mean if I don't know what to avoid, I can't prevent another reaction, so I might as well enjoy myself. Anyway, I think this has gotten long enough...Hope you enjoyed this new perspective for once...


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