Monday, August 09, 2004

Never Fear

That title sounds like I should make this really eloquent. Or something. But it just popped into my head. Anyway, still excited about making EMT...Now I have to actually find a job. I'm hoping to work for my school's First Responder team, at least at first. I don't know, I'm just so excited that I can actually tell people that I'm an EMT now, instead of just training to be one. Of course I have to wait until I'm state certified before I can actually do anything. I ran into one of the guys in my class the other day, so that was kind of neat. I was surprised how fast it came back, it only took a couple of weeks. I'd been checking on the website every day, but all it said was that there was no exam information available, so I was starting to freak. But then one day it was just there, and I was wired for several hours after I opened it and couldn't study. Of course I knew I had passed, cause the envelope was big and thick from all the stuff they send, so I knew, but I still had to open it. This is a big deal for me, I worked so hard for months to get this, so it's a big accomplishment, hopefully the first of many... Anyway, I'm off to Virginia, to spend time with my grandparents. I do it every summer, but I haven't been able to before now because of my class and having to do the EMT tests, so that should be fun. I may update while I'm there, maybe not, we'll see. And as soon as I get back I have to leave for school, which is a good thing, but also bad because I haven't done anything to prepare for it. Hopefully Kate will be able to help me move, we tried talking the other night, but her phone cut out...Anyway, hope everybody has a great week, because I plan to!


At 8/12/2004 09:21:00 AM, Blogger asdfdfdafdasfd said...

Have a nice trip to Virginia, chat with ya when you get back!


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