Monday, September 20, 2004

Master Procrastinator

Wow, I was really cranky last night, wasn't I? Well, I got one of my tests over, Spanish. It wasn't too bad. Tomorrow is the worst day, with the genetics nad the stupid chemistry that I don't know how to do...I should be studying, I suppose I will as soon as I finish unsticking the pages of my genetics book. Of course I can't look at the notes online from the classes I didn't go to since they're in PowerPoint and my stupid Gateway doesn't have that. When it comes to my own stuff I'm pretty cheap. Which is why my laundry is hanging all over the room dripping so I don't have to pay for the dryer too. I don't put my jeans in the dryer anyway, though, and now the room smells all nice like clean laundry. I swear I will stop playing Master soon as Strong Medicine is over, of course. Genetics isn't really that bad...but blogging is so much funner!


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