Sunday, September 26, 2004

Utterly Random

I apologize for the disjointedness of the two previous entries. I really shouldn't write when I'm feeling so hyper. That's kind of how I naturally am- my high school friends called it being random, and my college friends just wonder how I can be so freakingly energetic despite the fact that only got four hours of it comes in handy, but makes for some interesting times along the way....
Anyway, we're bracing for Jeanne here. We've been pretty fortunate here in the central part of S.C. none of the hurricanes have really brought us much. They thought that Charley was going to do damage and even postponed our move in day, but it really wasn't anything. The campus gets really nasty when it rains more than a little bit, but hopefully that will be all. Of course everybody always compares it to Hugo, which was in 1989 and caused a lot of damage, so everything always seems to pale in comparison to that. But we shall see what damage the now Tropical Storm Jeanne may bring tomorrow...


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