Friday, November 12, 2004

What'll It Be?

The verdict in the Scott Peterson case that has been reached and will be released soon...Anyway, thought I'd share some more about Little Bit, which is what my sister is calling her unborn child. I am the youngest, Melissa is ten years older than me and my other sister is three years older. I love kids and always wanted a younger sibling but I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I have always looked forward to having a niece or a nephew. I always thought when I had my own kids I'd want to be surprised, but it's driving me crazy not knowing which it's going to be and it's not even my kid! I really would be happy with either one, but I will say I would love to have a little niece to share stuff with...but she isn't getting her hands on my American Girl collection until she is old enough to appreciate it fully! I suppose a nephew would be fun too, I grew up with all girls so it would be different. Whenever I see babies I just get so excited knowing I will have a new little relative...Melissa is due on the 22nd of April. I have told her she is not allowed to have Little Bit on my birthday, the 14th, because I don't want to share. If it is close we will probably end up celebrating together anyway. I'm not sure when my exams will be over, they usually are the first week of May. I know I am going to want to drive down there as soon as Little Bit is born, but I can't if I have exams! And I would never be able to concentrate until I got to see him or her. I really shouldn't be this excited because there are still several months to go...but I am going to be a great aunt!!!


At 11/13/2004 12:22:00 PM, Blogger Blair said...

There are so few good surprises in life, why would you want to ruin an opportunity to have one. I have no idea what sex "dotcom" is, but it is fun guessing, and thinking up names, and just knowing that the big announcement will be happy news for everyone.
Also, I love being an aunt, it is the best job I have ever had. Have fun and do special things with your neice or nephew... they will apprecite it so much.


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