Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Freaky Prospect

I won't get into the last presidential election, since that was kind of a mess, but it does have a lot of people thinking about what might happen if there is a tie in the electoral college. This is possible, I won't go into why, but if that happens, according to the Constitution, the House picks the president and the Senate the vice president. Now on the surface, this might seem to be a good thing for the Republicans, since the House is probably not going to change, as far as where the majority lies, after the elections and President Bush would be reelected. Unfortunately, the Senate lacks that guarantee. If the Democrats pick up just a few seats, they'll have a majority. And as scary as that thought is by itself, it also means there's a possibility of George W. Bush being President and John Edwards being Vice President. And I think no matter which way you lean, that is one weird concept. How would anything ever get done? How could our country show any unity? It just makes you think, and hope that everything works out so nothing like that, or like last time, happens, because this election is crucial....


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