Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Unusually Boring

I really don't have anything to do tonight as far as schoolwork goes. It's very strange. I actually managed to get a nap in before my meeting, which I never do, but I guess the several nights of falling asleep studying and waking up early to actually get into the bed got to me...I got nominated for volunteer coordinator of the College Republicans, and nobody else did so I'll probably get it. I think it's kind of a perfect position for me, lots of people are running for chair or vice chair but I don't want THAT much responsibility, at least not right now. And volunteering is what I like best about being a Republican, so I'm excited about that. It'll also be something good to put on my resume, since I know my grades are going to be shot this semester. It might not be so bad if I hadn't gotten two C's in some of the intro classes already. I don't mind taking those over if it'll raise my GPA, but I honestly can't see myself doing anything besides medicine. A lot of my friends are dropping pre-med cause the sciences are too hard, but I'm still holding on to that dream....It is so strange that I don't have to do anything, there are of course lots of things I could do, like get ready for the exams, but that's not happening...Maybe I'll actually get some sleep...


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