Monday, November 08, 2004

Nettie Hates the E.R.

OK, so I don't really, cause I'd be dead several times over without it, I just HATE having to go there. I'm not even counting how long it is between times anymore, I think it was a month. It wasn't anything too major, not anaphylaxis this time, just another asthma attack. I am back on the fun steroids again, so I will have eaten all of the 40-some dollars worth of food I bought yesterday by the time I am finished with them. It's not like I don't need them, though...and I managed to avoid the ambulance this time too, Meka and Katie took me again. I don't think it was anybody's idea of a fun Saturday night...but at least it wasn't the night before an organic test like the last one...Argh, I had something really intelligent I was going to say instead of all this whining. Oh well, maybe I'll think of it later.


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