Sunday, May 01, 2005

What Does May Mean?

Meet the Bloggers is now up. Jeff thought it up, and Stacey, Stacy, and I provide a triple dose of girl power. Go check it out. It's amusing AND thought-provoking. Woo-Hoo!


At 5/01/2005 01:09:00 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Sorry - I am a bit behind with my blogging.

Totally off topic - congratulations on the birth of your beautiful nephew.

Welcome to the world JAMMY

At 5/01/2005 12:51:00 PM, Blogger Jeff H said...


Yes, I've now "woo-hoo'ed" all 3 of my co-anchors on their "Meet the Bloggers" post.

At 5/01/2005 09:52:00 PM, Blogger Jeff H said...

OK, I like the updated text better than the original.

But if you think you're ever going to get me to dress up like Posh Spice and sing one of those freakin' songs...

At 5/02/2005 12:32:00 PM, Blogger Janette said...


Ditto the WOO-HOO! Congratulations on the new blog.

I'll be adding that one and yours to my blogroll. I'm sure ya'll will have a good time and I wish you much success.

At 5/02/2005 01:28:00 PM, Blogger Jeff H said...

Of course, Janette, you know you're going to have be one of our vict...I mean, "subjects" at MTB.

At 5/02/2005 03:01:00 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

OK So now I have actually READ the post..

WOW what a great idea. Woo-hoo to you too!!!

Well done you all (or should that be ya'all!!

At 5/03/2005 12:55:00 AM, Blogger Jeff H said...

Barbara, we can tell just by the way you "talk" that you ain't from around here.

It's y'all.

At 5/03/2005 06:24:00 AM, Blogger Barbara said...


You have to forgive my bad grammar - I am quite good at English - with a bit of Welsh) - but not that good atAmerican!!!!

I will try to remember - thanks y'all - there I'm fluent now!!!


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