Sunday, October 02, 2005

Entertaining the Masses

"It starts when we’re kids, a show-off at school. Makin’ faces at friends, you’re a clown and a fool. Doing pratfalls and birdcalls and bad imitations; ignoring your homework, there’s that dedication. Working the mirror, you’re getting standing ovations...."
The earliest vivid memory I have of that is the first impression I ever did, of my fourth-grade social studies teacher Mrs. Walden. You know the type- soft-spoken Southern woman who lives in a book and has no life. Oops, that could almost be me. Moving on. I learned to mimic her voice perfectly and made all the kids laugh. Heck, I still laugh whenever I think about it and that was eleven years ago now.

My sister Janna is a born comic as well, and whenever we weren't trying to kill each other we could be pretty amusing. Despite our young ages, we never cared if people stared at us as we produced the most annoying sound in the world. Even now, she can always crack me up. And when I make her laugh, I know that I must be really funny.

I have a larger audience now, but my sense of humor isn't what you'd call typical. I laugh at Whose Line, and the Golden Girls, or just at the random Chipmunks song on a burned CD that I've heard fifty times before. I do wonder what I must look like wandering through the store, headphones in ears, laughing to myself at my own thoughts of Super Wal-Mart Man. But I still don't care what people think of me.

Because it doesn't bother me when other people don't understand why I find funny the things that I do. They tell me that almost dying-again- shouldn't be funny. Sure it is. You just have to look at it the right way. Force me to be serious and I can do a good job at that. But why should I be? If nothing else, I do a pretty good job of entertaining myself. And if I'm really as funny as I think I am, you, too.


At 10/02/2005 05:19:00 PM, Blogger Natalia said...

I too laugh at stuff that leaves people scratching their heads. I often think it might have to do with having been brought up in a different country. I find British humour far funnier, for example. Some of my friends just don't get it.


At 10/02/2005 06:08:00 PM, Blogger Cori said...

I just wish I could meet you in person-I just love a great sense of humor!

At 10/02/2005 06:24:00 PM, Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Great Post!! Right, You should not worry what others think! The joy and laughter shows what is in your heart and God put that there!! You are a pleasure and it is nice to read thoughts like makes me smile!!

You are a very nice person, that I am sure bring smiles to many people every day....perhaps that is one of your purposes!!

God Bless you!! Tks for visiting me while I was down and away. Keep shining like a Star!! (smiling)

At 10/02/2005 07:29:00 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

Yeah...a great sense of humour is something to be proud of. So many people now adays are so serious. Thanks for sharing yours (sense of humour that is) with us.

At 10/02/2005 07:44:00 PM, Blogger ~Deb said...

I agree with Shelley- way too many people take things too seriously. Sometimes we take ourselve too seriously. Life is too short, laugh-- at anything that you may find funny.

I have to admit--shhhhh, I still watch the Golden Girls, and the funny thing is, watching them wear those big 1980 shoulder pads! Love Sophia.

The chipmunks, ?? Hmmm... I get the case of the giggles watching South Park, I swore to myself I would never watch that show due to some 'content'----- but I end up watching it, and it's hysterical.

Anyway, great post! :) Loved it!

At 10/02/2005 08:09:00 PM, Blogger John said...

I had a great laugh at this Nettie! There is no doubt about you, you are a funny woman! :)


At 10/02/2005 08:58:00 PM, Blogger Jeff H said...

So, the fact that I've made you snort milk out your nose must mean I'm pretty funny, too.

Besides, think of the money you save by entertaining yourself. Movie tickets ain't cheap, you know.

At 10/02/2005 09:52:00 PM, Blogger My Kid's Mom said...


I am, unfortunately, WAY too serious. So, I visit blogs like yours and Darlene's and Jeff's (sometimes) to bring some well-needed humor into my life.

At 10/02/2005 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Jeff H said...

MyKidsMom: We're all glad to provide this valuable service!!!

At 10/03/2005 01:36:00 AM, Blogger mrsd said...

They Loved To Laugh
Ever read the book? But anyway, it's a gift to love laughter.

At 10/03/2005 07:08:00 AM, Blogger baileysMilk said...

Laughter is the best medicine? :)

At 10/03/2005 09:26:00 AM, Blogger Guinevere Meadow said...

You and Janna sound like my sister and I!! We laugh at the dumbest things, but we have a good time about it!

At 10/03/2005 10:33:00 AM, Blogger TC said...

You have a wonderful sense of humor

At 10/03/2005 11:52:00 AM, Blogger me said...

laughing at things others don't find amusing is always fun...especially when you have someone to share it with. glad i came to visit...your sense of humor is great

At 10/03/2005 03:30:00 PM, Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Tell the truth.
You laugh at me don't you!

At 10/03/2005 06:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know i always leave with a smile once i've been over for a visit, that's a big part of why i like coming back.

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