Saturday, June 26, 2004

Another Lazy Day

which I don't have very many more of. I have one week before I have to start summer school, yuck. When that's done I'm finally going to be able to go up to Virginia to see my grandparents and then I have to move back in the dorms and start it'll be back to the grind. I really want to do well in my summer class...Anyway, trying to decide what I'll do for the Fourth, it's one of my favorite holidays...there's a peach festival on the 3rd that I'll probably go to, and maybe go see the fireworks at the fort on Sunday. I always enjoy celebrating America's birthday, last year I had to work...have to get signed up for my written test on the 9th, but I can't call until Tuesday...I am so psyched I passed my practical, I was so scared I wasn't going to...I think what happened last time was I'd been sitting around being nervous, and epecially I hadn't eaten enough...I have to be really careful and not do that cause my sugar starts dropping and I get all freaky...anyway this time they called me right away cause I was retesting and I didn't have time to get nervous...and then almost immediately they called me back and told me I'd passed, and I was so excited, and hugged the lady...and then there was the fun AFTER the test....


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