Thursday, June 24, 2004

Jim DeMint wins!

...for now, anyway. He's got the Republican nomination, but now the real work begins. We have to fight Inez Tenenbaum, who is popular and strong, probably deservedly so, but that's as far as I'll publicly go...I've had a really good week. My parents were out of town and I had the house to myself. It was nice not having to answer to anyone, and I actually slept better without them, which I guess shows I don't need them for security...I would love to be on my own all the time, but it wouldn't be possible if I got sick suddenly like I have before there'd be no one there to help me...this may sound horrible but I look forward to the day I can be totally free of my parents, which won't be for a while...there's just too much history for there to be a normal relationship...I meant to talk about my good week. All Congressman DeMint's supporters have worked really hard, and most of them are taking it easy for a little while after the bitter fight...hopefully everyone, including Beasley's supporters, will be able to unite behind him, because we need to work for the greater goal...BTW, don't get offended, some of my closest friends are Democrats. I may be a die-hard Republican, but I believe it's important for everybody to get involved if they can...I had to drive to Charleston this morning at the crack of dawn to retake my EMT test, which I PASSED, thankfully, and then I went to the beach, which is a story in itself. And yesterday I found a CD, Newsong's greatest hits, with Arise My Love, which I think is the best song in the world. It's a really moving account of the Resurrection. Looking forward to The Passion of the Christ being on DVD, hopefully they'll make it so you can turn the subtitles off, I think that would be really cool. Anyway, I guess that's enough for tonight, but check out my new poem, it's called Justice; I really worked on this one, let me know if I succeeded.


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