Monday, June 14, 2004

Go Golden Girls!

Tonight it's the episodes where Blanche throws a moonlight madness party!
My grandfather's shoulder surgery today didn't go as well as they hoped. They had to take out a lot of stuff, I won't get technical, but he's not going to regain total function. My parents are going up there on Sunday; my mother was really upset. I was supposed to go up there but I can't now. I know he'll adapt and be okay; he's been doing more than he should for a long time, so maybe he'll slow down now. It's just that they've been through a lot recently. But at least my mother's gone off her "you're pushing me away" diatribe. That sounds horrible, but I'm nineteen, for Pete's sake. I'm her youngest, so she doesn't want to let me go... I've mentioned this before, but I really wish I wasn't back at home this summer, just falling back into the same patterns...Anyway, the Harry Potter meetup I was going to tomorrow was canceled, so I'm going out politicking instead, had to dig out my Jim DeMint T-shirt. I love this business! We've only got a week till the runoff! Anyway, hopefully get some more of my writing up soon, I'm still working on one. Stay tuned!


At 6/16/2004 03:27:00 PM, Blogger asdfdfdafdasfd said...

Nettie, first off big thanks for your comment it was sweet!!! I bet you could post your own poems its not that hard, plus it helps vent from time to time...As for your grampa I wish him the best and a fast recovery. I like your blog, keep it up, I will check in agian.


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