Sunday, June 13, 2004

Got Cookies?

In reference to yesterday's post...I went out and got some cookies...Mrs. Field' good but so soft and chewy and good...Anyway, getting off that...Baby-sitting tonight was a little more eventful than usual. One of the boys was convinced he saw someone outside...and while I don't think there was anyone, of course I was jumpy for the rest of the night, reacting to every little sound and watching the dog to see if he reacted (of course he'd be no help, they have a Chihuahua)-at least I'd put the six-year-old to bed...but having to deal with the power going out and the thunderstorm-and they subjected me to That's So Raven, urgghhh...I really like the family, they're cool...but the phantom intruder was too much- I kept thinking of those stupid commercials where the creepy intruder puts a kinfe to the window but Brinks Home Security saves them...I'm normally not that jumpy, I wasn't even watching any of my favorite true-crime shows, I'd seen them all, so it was VH1's Top 40 celebrity feuds..."Why? Why? WHY?" in the words of Nancy Kerrigan...but I'm rambling again. Other than that, boring day ha ha...Went to the pharmacy to fix a prescription they messed up on cause they couldn't read the handwriting...hee hee I'm probably going to be like that...and got my cookies, which I am going to enjoy and go to bed like a sane person.


At 6/13/2004 07:55:00 AM, Blogger MadPoet39 said...

Nettie~just wanted to thank you for your comments (I left a comment for you on my own blog), and let you know that I really do look forward to seeing more of your wonderful poems~if you decide to post some more?

Sorry to hear about your intense babysitting experience!I used to like True Crime books, movies, and TV shows too~but these days I am so busy with online stuff that I don't really get to do much of anything else! LOL. I mean, I can't even remember the last time I actually read a book? Lots of local newspapers though. I always like to keep up with current events in my town, etc.

I hope the cookies were good? I have a weakness for ice cream and such~especially when it gets totally hot and humid outside. I hope you are doing well? And I look forward to reading more of your blogs soon. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR NICE COMMENTS!



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