Saturday, June 12, 2004


I want cookies really bad, but I don't have any. I have Little Debbie Cakes, ice cream, pudding, and popsicles...but I WANT COOKIES! Anyway, getting back to my sad life of watching TV...I'm watching this episode of What Not to Wear with this woman who dresses the same as I do, except I'm ten years younger so I can get away with it...I do not look forward to the day I'm no longer a student and have to enter the corporate world and actually be serious for once in my life...but hopefully I'll be doing what I love, so it'll all be worth it...but for now I'll enjoy my no-makeup, cartoon T-shirts, and SpongeBob flip-flops life while I can...hopefully have a good week ahead..It's International Harry Potter Meet-Up day on doing some politicking for Jim DeMint... should be fun stuff. Got some Rice-A-Roni today, but forgot to get any butter to make it with...I need to see Shrek 2 again, I missed about ten minutes of it the first time...but I hate to pay for it again...I miss the days when my sister worked at a theater and we got everything free...not being very eloquent today. oh well.


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