Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's Almost July!

Hard to believe. I bought the new ZOEgirl CD I wanted today, even though I'm trying to save money....but it was on sale! I wasn't going to, but I had to do something difficult today, so I rewarded myself....My sister's leaving for Italy Friday. She can't find her charger for her digital camera since she moved, and even if she finds it, she has to get a converter...I didn't take a converter when I went to Europe last year. She was jealous that I got to go to Italy before her. It was so cool; we went to Germany and Austria too. I loved Austria, we went on the Sound of Music tour-awesome movie!- and we stayed in this really cute hotel. It was a nice end to my high school career...All the stuff that's going on for the Fourth is actually happening on the third. Maybe I'll just go out to the river. My family isn't big on celebrations... I hate having allergies. Everyone always trivializes them, but besides being incredibly annoying, and expensive, I could actually die from mine- in more than one way! Isn't that fun, boys and girls? But hey, Hagrid is allergic to cats too! Anyway, here's what going on, in case anyone's interested....
Watching- The Golden Girls- my favorite, I've got most of the episodes on tape
Listening- ZOEgirl, A Different Kind of Free
Pondering: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Wanting: A happy family
Eating: Chicken salad from Sonic
Wondering: If I'll end up like the mom in the Epi-Pen commercial who accidentally eats the lobster


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