Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Freaky Prospect

I won't get into the last presidential election, since that was kind of a mess, but it does have a lot of people thinking about what might happen if there is a tie in the electoral college. This is possible, I won't go into why, but if that happens, according to the Constitution, the House picks the president and the Senate the vice president. Now on the surface, this might seem to be a good thing for the Republicans, since the House is probably not going to change, as far as where the majority lies, after the elections and President Bush would be reelected. Unfortunately, the Senate lacks that guarantee. If the Democrats pick up just a few seats, they'll have a majority. And as scary as that thought is by itself, it also means there's a possibility of George W. Bush being President and John Edwards being Vice President. And I think no matter which way you lean, that is one weird concept. How would anything ever get done? How could our country show any unity? It just makes you think, and hope that everything works out so nothing like that, or like last time, happens, because this election is crucial....

Monday, October 25, 2004


Hey, I hit 50 blog posts! Cool deal. Anyway, getting down to the wire here. It's been interesting for me as "literally, the only conservative on the hall." I honestly try not to make a big deal out of it. Most of my friends are either Democrats or swing voters, but I handed out absentee ballots to everybody who wanted them even though we were only suppposed to give them to the Republicans. In case I don't post again before Tuesday, y'all get out there and vote! No matter what your political leanings, it's our privilege to choose who is running our country. Of course I will say who I prefer, Bush, and my local candidates, Jim DeMint and Joe Wilson, but just exercise this because it's so important. I have been waiting for this for a long time, being the first national election I am able to vote in, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. That being said, it's going to be so weird not having all this to consume my time with anymore. Guess I'll have to get a job that actually pays instead of making calls and stamping envelopes for free. But I love this, I really do.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Can't Think of An Interesting Title....

Didn't really do anything interesting on my fall break...Put off homework over a four-day weekend instead of just two...Watched movies and TV and put up some new stuff in my room. The blank white walls aren't any more, which is good, since they were driving me crazy. I put some lights up on the mysterious pipes runnig on one side of the room, which probably isn't allowed, but they look really cool, so who cares. Also brought back a contraband quesadilla maker. It's starting to get chilly around here, it doesn't really get that cold compared to other parts of the country, but I'm pretty intolerant to it. I'll have to wear a long-sleeved shirt under my Jim DeMint T-shirt when I go to the rally before the debate tomorrow. And the food afterward will be free. Free is a wonderful word, that is assuming I'll be able to eat it. Anyway, I must get back to my lovely Spanish homework that I have done almost none of!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fall Break

is finally here. I'm not doing anything, but it'll be nice to not have to go to class. I'm still volunteering, but after that I don't have anything I have to do...lots of things I should do, but nothing I absolutely have to. Passed the inspection, just unplugged everything, then had to remember to plug it back in.It wasn't like it was that big a deal, it just annoyed me since I don't have a lot of my contraband that my friends did and I got in trouble (Meka's guinea pigs had to go to Grandma' s cause they were already told to get rid of them and they squeak so it's hard to hide them). I got a good grade on my Spanish test, I was really excited about that, not as good on sociology but I still have an A. I went back to the fair tonight to sit at the Republican booth. Ithought I was doing it alone but one of the candidates for the SC senate came. He's a cool guy, I don't really know him, but I went to school with his daughter. He has a lot of sensible things to say, but I don't live in his district, so I can't vote for him. And on that note, y'all make sure to get out there and vote! It's so important, I encourage all my friends, many of whom are Democrats, to get out there and make their voices heard. I'm unusual among most Republicans, but I try to be nonpartisan and encourage everybody to make a difference and vote!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Wizard of Oz

I'm going to have the songs stuck in my head all day..."Ding dong the witch is dead!" You just can't beat the classics! Looking forward to fall break, I'm not going to do anything exciting, maybe get some more volunteer hours in, but it'll be nice to not have classes. Of course by Wednesday I have to fix my 'safety violation', which is having a surge protector stretched a few feet from the only outlet on that side of the room to the tv, which is the only place I can put it where I can see it. It's so stupid- all my friends hid their various violations (toasters, coffeepots, furry little creatures) and I thought my room was ok. I don't know what they want me to do. I'm not moving the dumb thing because it took me forever to set it up and there's no other place I can really put it. If they don't like my cords, then they should put more outlets in. It's really annoying. But at least my room doesn't look so bare anymore, since I spent way too much time this weekend putting stuff up all over it when I should have been studying for Spanish. I think I did ok on the test though, despite the fact that I nearly overslept for it. Anyway, I'll try to be better about updating this- I didn't realize two weeks had passed. "If I only had a brain...."