Monday, September 27, 2004


Just a quick update before my hall meeting...Jeanne didn't really do that much earlier, it was raining a bit when I went to Spanish but it cleared up by the time I left. Now, however, she is outside wreaking a little havoc. It's raining pretty hard and the wind is whipping the trees around. Campus is going to be full of puddles tomorrow. BUT...the rain means A D Pi is NOT outside practicing. So thank you, Jeanne, for that! That sounds so horrible, when this storm was so devastating further south, but I'll take whatever peace I can get!
Kevin went up to New York today with his mom, my Aunt Kathy. Perhaps I should explain that he isn't my first cousin, rather one of those relatives that I'm not quite sure how we are related, but our families are pretty close so we're cousins. I'll report more when I have it.
As for me, I don't have any tests this week, which is a relief since I had 3 last week, none of which I did great on. but I have plenty of time to make them up. Which I will because nothing's going to stand in the way of my dream! I had a bad time last week too because somebody stole all the cash out of my wallet when I was volunteering. It wasn't a huge amount, but it was a lot for me. I guess I should be grateful they didn't take my debit card. I canceled it anyway, so while I'm waiting for a new one I have to carry cash in case I need something. But I am now being insanely careful, although I wasn't being careless before. I'll get over it, it's just a pain.
Well, I am off to a fun hall meeting to talk about our roach problem! Yeehaw!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Utterly Random

I apologize for the disjointedness of the two previous entries. I really shouldn't write when I'm feeling so hyper. That's kind of how I naturally am- my high school friends called it being random, and my college friends just wonder how I can be so freakingly energetic despite the fact that only got four hours of it comes in handy, but makes for some interesting times along the way....
Anyway, we're bracing for Jeanne here. We've been pretty fortunate here in the central part of S.C. none of the hurricanes have really brought us much. They thought that Charley was going to do damage and even postponed our move in day, but it really wasn't anything. The campus gets really nasty when it rains more than a little bit, but hopefully that will be all. Of course everybody always compares it to Hugo, which was in 1989 and caused a lot of damage, so everything always seems to pale in comparison to that. But we shall see what damage the now Tropical Storm Jeanne may bring tomorrow...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Master Procrastinator

Wow, I was really cranky last night, wasn't I? Well, I got one of my tests over, Spanish. It wasn't too bad. Tomorrow is the worst day, with the genetics nad the stupid chemistry that I don't know how to do...I should be studying, I suppose I will as soon as I finish unsticking the pages of my genetics book. Of course I can't look at the notes online from the classes I didn't go to since they're in PowerPoint and my stupid Gateway doesn't have that. When it comes to my own stuff I'm pretty cheap. Which is why my laundry is hanging all over the room dripping so I don't have to pay for the dryer too. I don't put my jeans in the dryer anyway, though, and now the room smells all nice like clean laundry. I swear I will stop playing Master soon as Strong Medicine is over, of course. Genetics isn't really that bad...but blogging is so much funner!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Death to A D Pi

I'm in a really annoyed mood right now, so thought I'd share why, for whatever reason...
I am reeeeally sick of the A D Pi people practicing their stupid cheers very very loudly outside my dorm window. They start when it begins to get dark and sometimes they go until 1 A.M. I am usually pretty tolerant of noise but they are extremely hard to block out. And they will be doing this every night, it seems, until Homecoming. Which isn't until the 10th of October. And there is nothing we can do about it. Let's hope neither I nor the other unfortunate people also on this side of the building have gone completely INSANE by then.
I'm also getting really sick of being held a virtual prisoner in my room when whichever idiots on the hall and/or the stairs (no elevators by the way) decide to smoke, cause I'm so sensitive to it right now I can't stand to breathe it. Another gripe against the A D Pi people because I had to pass by them tonight coming back from Taco Bell and they were all smoking and my asthma did NOT like that.
It is majorly unfair that my section of chemistry has to turn in our homework on Tuesday before he's even finished the chapter and all the other sections get the benefit of two more class periods to learn the stuff, or try to anyway. I'm now glad that I shelled out the extra bucks to get the book that shows you how to do every problem, but we still shouldn't be expected to know it before it's been taught.
On a more global scale, I think it's scary how much power Putin has managed to take recently. If you look carefully, the people of Russia no longer even have the power to elect their own governors- they will now be appointed. I don't think people in America are noticing, but it just makes you wonder where the situation is going to go.
Aside from my Taco Bell break, I really have been trying to study, but it is freaking impossible to do anything right now. I might actually have to resort to going to the library. The brilliant people here decided to build it down to save on cooling costs, neglecting to realize that it would become really moldy and musty and aggravating. And normally I can't stand the silence but a little of that would be WELCOME right about now...

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I wrote this while I was sitting in chemistry class bored. I write a lot of stuff in there, but I really like this one. If you've been reading my recent posts, you can figure out what it's about...

I miss you.
But I will not
bring you back.
I cannot.
You have hurt me
too much.
It is over,
and I am sad.
But I will be stronger,
one day.
Will you?

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hyper Thoughts

Well, Kevin is up in New York right now, at Sloan-Kettering I think. They are going to try to find him a bone-marrow donor, so hopefully there is a perfect match out there for him. Let's see, I'm watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective because they put Fresh Prince on instead of Full House. I never really liked Fresh Prince, I thought it was stupid and the theme song is way too catchy.... I suppose I could start studying for my sociology exam on Thursday, but I have an A in the class, so I'm not too worried. Normally at this time I'm frantically doing my organic chemistry homework, but since we had a test last week we haven't learned any of the stuff we're supposed to do, so I don't think we have to. My section seems to be a week ahead of everybody else's anyway. I made peanut butter brownies yesterday, but I left them to cool for too long and they got hard. I'm kind of wired right now- I guess that's why this is so random. Oh well. Peace, y'all!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Aunt Nettie

This is something I am really excited about. My sister Melissa, who is ten years older than me, is eight weeks pregnant with her first child! I'm the youngest in the family, and I have always wanted a little niece or nephew. Right now she is due on the 24th of April, but that may change. My other sister Janna and I were hassling her, because my birthday is the 14th, and I told her she wasn't allowed to have the kid on my birthday. Janna is graduating on the 5th or 6th of May, and she told her she wasn't allowed to have the kid then either. So hopefully the timing will be right! But I am so happy that I get to be an aunt!
As for the rest of my life, it's going ok I guess. I've got a new volunteer opportunity that I'm really excited about. There's a free clinic here in town, for people who can't afford regular care, as an alternative to the emergency room. And since I'm an EMT, instead of just doing clerical stuff I actually get to interact with the patients. I'll mostly just be taking blood pressures and weight and stuff, but I'll also get to do some laboratory work. They showed me how to do a urinalysis on Thursday, which some people might find gross, but I thought was really fascinating, so I hope that will be fun. And that I don't screw anything up.
Now on to the most difficult part. The one time I actually talked to Kate this week, she insisted she really wanted to be friends, but I feel like she has already made her choice. I can't go into all the details, but the night before she left, she did something that really betrayed my trust. And before I had the chance to talk to her about it, she was just gone. It's been a long time since anyone has hurt me this badly. I was putting a lot on her, with my trips to the ER and all (but I've gone a week without one, yay!), but I told her to tell me if it got to be too much. But she didn't, she just moved everything out and didn't say a word to me. She took the easy way out. I miss her a lot, but she cut me really deep. I just don't think I can ever trust her again, and what kind of friendship can you have without trust? I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I really feel that this is the right decision, no matter what anybody else thinks, and even though it hurts.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

My Cousin

I mentioned my cousin Kevin a while back, so here's an update on him. He lives in Virginia, and his family tried to get him into Johns Hopkins, but they were jerks and said they couldn't help him. He's got an appointment at some place in New York, don't know where. The search is still on for a bone marrow donor- neither his parents nor his sister, my cousin Alisa, can do it. Alisa's having a pretty hard time with this too. He is now back on chemo, but he is not giving up- he is still in school, and he is still fighting. I believe that he will beat this, but all kind thoughts and prayers are definitely appreciated.

As for me...well, after the last ER trip, my roommate Kate moved out, without even talking to me- she said she couldn't handle it. There is a lot more to the story, but I really wish she had bothered to talk to me, rather than just running. I hate that I may have lost her as a friend, forever, but I feel like she has made her choice, because if you really care about somebody, you won't just abandon them. I realize many may disagreee with this, but there are elements to this I can't share that have made me decide that she lost her chance. It's a big blow to me to have lost her; I only hope it was worth it for her. I still do not know what is causing my allergic reactions. I have had some tests, but the results are not back yet, and they aren't exhaustive. So basically I'm just trying to live my life and hope nothing else happens....