Thursday, June 30, 2005

Only Time

Hat tip: Amigo.

What was going on in your life ten years ago - 1995? You know what's cool about the American school system and the year I was born? I can tell by the number of the year what grade I was in. So in 1995 I would have been starting fifth grade. And my great-grandmother would be gone by August 31st, two years to the day before Princess Diana's death.

What was going on in your life five years ago - 2000? Adolescence. Yeuchh.

What was going on in your life one year ago - 2004? I had one year of college and one episode of anaphylactic shock under my belt. I as working on my EMT certification. And Jim DeMint had just won the primary runoff, so we were kicking his campaign into high gear -way to pay off!

What did you do yesterday- June 30, 2005? Got up and took a shower cause I fell asleep without the fan on. Ran around town in my jeans shorts and work shirt-it was too hot to wear the uniform black pants. Drank some really disgusting 7-Up Plus. Went to work and had a good time, as usual. Didn't blow up at the new girl for screwing up the antibac understock (mumbling to myself after she left and I had to fix it doesn't count). Came home and marveled at the debate. Took another shower and crashed.

What are you doing today- July 1, 2005? Had lunch with my sister. Drove out to the boonies to get some fresh fruit. And in the process, broke in these cute new shoes that I just had to have. Right now I'm watching Plain Truth again. I need to throw my sheets in the wash cause they have chocolate on them.

What will you do tomorrow- July 2, 2005? Shift or two at BBW. I am so grateful that I have a job that I love so much and look forward to going to. And I need to go prebuy Harry Potter at Barnes and Noble, since that's where the midnight party's going to be. If I get off in time, I might go see some fireworks.

Five snacks you enjoy: Well, that's easy. Cheetos. York Peppermint Patties. White Chocolate Reese's. Grilled chicken. And Chocolate Lucky Charms, of course- but that's not just a snack. It's a way of life.

Five songs you know all the words to: Only five? Geez. I suppose I will name the first five that come to mind without hearing the music: God Bless the U.S.A., Lee Greenwood. Blue Skies, Point of Grace. Over It, Anneliese Van Der Pol. That's The Way It Is, Celine Dion. Nobody's Home, Avril Lavigne. This Kiss, Faith Hill. Oops, that's six. Hey, what can I say, I think in music.

Five things you would do with $100,000,000: Buy a cute little house in the 'burbs with some land for my many dogs to run around on. Pay off all my bills. Outfit Harvey with a nice stereo system. Get a domain name and some other fun toys. Start a memorial fund- maybe to help people my age, the ones who are sick but can't qualify for the child funds. I've never thought that was fair, and, well, maybe I could make some dreams come true.

Five locations you would love to run away to: Austria- it's just so beautiful. But the food is great in Italy. Virginia Beach- it's where a lot of my family is. Miami maybe. And someplace in central or South America- I've always wanted to go to the jungle.

Five things you like doing: Adding new toys to my template. Talking politics. Discovering new TV shows. Singing to whatever random music is floating in my head. Making other people wonder about my sanity.

Five things you would never wear: Dark eyeshadow- I look stupid in it. My hair any shorter than it is now. Or for that matter, bangs. Anything skimpy. One of those mascot character outfits like Mickey Mouse- they must be sooo hot. And stinky.

Five recently seen movies that you like: I saw Miss Congeniality at the $1.50 theater. And I finally rented Scooby-Doo 2 after having the poster above my head for months. I tried to watch UHF the other night, but I fell asleep. My VCR isn't working, so I've been watching whatever comes on TV- Jurassic Park, for one. But I have How The Grinch Stole Christmas on DVD- I was in a Christmas-in-July mood.

Five famous people I'd like to meet: Dubya, Michelle Malkin, George Foreman, Amy Grant, Jane Seymour.

Five biggest joys of the moment: My job. I still can't believe how great BBW people are. But then, I love you people too. Austin, of course. Nature- even though it's hot as Hades right now. And just living in America- do you ever stop to think what a privilege that is?

Five favorite toys: I think Harvey would be insulted if I called him a toy. So my Gameboy I guess. Digital camera. Computer- I recently downloaded iTunes to get the Nick Cannon song. And I figured out a way to transfer the songs from Windows Media that were supposedly protected by Heh heh. And- ooh, look, pretty shiny colors...

Five people to tag: Anybody in the mood?

Ignore the Minority

I am not prejudiced. If you are a different color or ethnicity than me, cool. Let's learn from each other, not hate each other. And I believe in free choice. If you want to live differently from me or do something that I think is a sin (note: not illegal), then hey, that's your right. That's what this country is all about. And I do not believe that just because a majority believes something that it is automatically right. But majority exists for a reason. We don't elect leaders based on what a minority thinks. If someone wants to be elected, he or she has to convince over half the voting population that they are the right person for the job. If most people believe something should be done, then it is. Minorities keep the majority accountable, and I am not advocating a rule where those in power believe a certain way and all other opinions are shot down. I'm just saying that the majority, in general, should be listened to. Otherwise, nothing would get done.

Sop why is it, on a certain hot-button issue all over the world, the loud minority is being pandered to despite a majority population's opposition? Yes, I'm talking about gay marriage. I do not believe homosexuals should be persecuted. And I did not choose to abandon someone who has been a close friend to me just because she decided she was gay (and please do not attack me for that choice of words, it's a complicated situation that is not mine to share). But when a majority of Americans believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman, shouldn't they be listened to? I'm sure worldwide activists are celebrating this week as the lower house of Spain overruled the Senate and legalized gay marriage. The Netherlands and Belgium already had it. (Although in Belgium, homosexual couples cannot adopt children. Hey, isn't that favoring lesbian couples over gay men since women have other ways of having children?) And Canada seems set to legalize it for the whole country despite its opposition.

So what about us, America? Massachusetts is currently the only state to allow actual marriage, although others have civil unions. Both support and opposition exist for an effort to constitutionally ban gay marriage nationwide. So which is it going to be? I am a Christian conservative. I believe it is fundamentally and biblically wrong. But I am not the only one. If the majority speaks out, I believe people will listen. We are not pawns to idly stand by and watch our country slide farther away from what we believe it should be. Our votes and our voices can make a difference. So get loud, America!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


From Janie, a.k.a. "Better safe than sorry", and also Lynnee; the idea is five things I miss about my childhood. But don't worry, I won't tag anyone, I know y'all are a bit memed out. I probably never will be.

1. My great-grandmother, Nannie. She died when I was ten- but not before I became a Christian. She would send my sisters and I money- I don't know where she got it on a fixed income. Whenever she visited she'd tell me about God, not pushy, just how much He loved me. Big influence on my young life. Sometimes I wish she could see who I've become now- and I know she'd love Austin.

2. The ability to watch Lion King over and over and still get teared up- "Mufasa died again!" And at the beginning scene, I'd hold my poor little Yorkie up like I was Rafiki holding Simba up to his subjects. I was a bit obsessed with TLK.

3. The toys. Not that I haven't moved on to other toys, but now I have to pay for them. And come on, nothing was as fun as Furbys. I had four of them and between them all they never shut up. Quite annoying, but I thought they were funny at the time. "Make those things go to sleep already!"

4. I didn't have to cook. And somebody always made me eat my vegetables and made sure I actually drank milk. Now my idea of a balanced meal is adding Ranch to the sausage as I drink back a two-liter of Coke. And the only milk I get is on my Chocolate Lucky Charms.

5. Patriotism was so much simpler for me. I could stand and wave my little American flag, singing "God Bless the U.S.A." on the stage of the talent show. I loved my country unconditionally. Now I see how complicated everything is and how much needs to be fixed. But I still love my country. Proud to be an American...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Worst Photo Ever

Well, Darlene challenged us to post our worst photos. This probably isn't mine, but it's the worst I have on my computer. And don't anybody dare tell me I was cute. And if you can't figure out which one I am, I'm not telling you. But anyway, this is my OM team from the sixth grade, so I think I'm eleven here. We were first in the region and second in the state. Those were the days. And now I feel old.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Things I Love

And, no, it's not a meme, I just felt like making a list. Can't a girl make a list?

*Jumping in puddles after it's stormed while it's still misty and slightly humid out.
*Having long, rambling, clownish conversations in the comments.
*Walking down a road as the summer sun is setting, going nowhere with nothing to worry about right that moment.
*An eight hour SVU marathon- watching Elliot and Olivia trick the perps again and again.
*Bath and Body Works. Because "It's more than a job, it's a way of life". Even if they're hiring a new manager who is rumored to actually do things by the book. Eeew.
*Watching scary movies. I admit I freak out and can't watch them silently. And It was on yesterday...
*Funny movies, too. I've seen Ace Ventura repeatedly but it still makes me laugh- "Do NOT go in there!"
*Sitting by a lake, eating watermelon, my most pressing thought when is it my turn to hold the baby again.
*Wandering through a park, jumping on the rocks and getting my feet wet even if you're not supposed to do that.
*Surprises. And no, I haven't forgotten about this one...

Friday, June 24, 2005

A New Sensation

For some reason, I had a bit of trouble sleeping the other night, so I went to channel surfing. In the seeds of the wee hours of the morning, a new addiction went into play. An addiction that really started a couple months ago, when my friend Meka and I would watch it together in the dorm. An addiction best satisfied by the original British version shown on Comedy Central, but the American one with Drew Carey on ABC Family will do. Yes, it's Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Maybe it's because it doesn't make much sense. They do improv skits; I especially like the ones that are newscasts with bizarre characters, or the hoedowns. Maybe it reminds me of my Odyssey of the Mind days. Kind of a Brainiac Olympic thing for kids, OM includes a "spontaneous" element, where they say things like "bear" and you have to go around responding with things like "arms", "Kodiak", "Coke", etc. You have to think on your feet. Of course, the reason I like it might have nothing to do with random pleasant memories. Maybe it's the simple fact that at three in the morning, everything is funny.

Am I A Clown Now

Hey, it takes a lot of work to make such clowntastic posts. All right, hard work and help from a few "special" people. I know some of you miss me when I skip a day, although I do admire your ability to keep yourselves entertained. Fear not, for I am here, to continue the trend of body part themed posts...

Except I choose- my nose. Never really thought about it one way or another. I thought about Melissa's nose, when she broke it at age sixteen and they let me ride in the back of the ambulance. Thought about Jacko's nose- but we won't go there. But didn't stop to think about my drippy nose, in and of itself.

Until, of course, today. Today when I walked into an etagere of two-dollar trial sizes. Nose first. Bit unlike the normal walking-into-things I do five times a day, that. I immediately thought about my nose as the tears welled up in my right eye, thought about my nose as I tried to explain to Kathleen just how I managed to do that, thinking about my poor cute little bruised nose every time I sneeze or chew or yawn or breathe. Now, I can't stop thinking about my nose. Or is it that my nose can't stop thinking about me?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Hope You Want Mustard

The conversation yesterday went something like this: "Hey Nettie, it's Kimberly. Can you work tonight?" Well, I've finished reorganizing my T-shirts- yep my schedule seems to be clear! "Sure, I can work!" "Great, see you when I get there." I pulled on my freshly-washed Subway shirt and khaki shorts and lit out of the house so fast I forgot to tape Summerland. I was off to a land where for every one person that gets mustard, the next five sandwiches get it cause that stuff goes everywhere. I hate mustard.

But there are bright spots. At BBW, we're supposed to look pretty cause we are selling beauty products. Subway? I can roll in wearing those khaki shorts from sometime in high school, in a ponytail that really doesn't work cause the front layers are too short, but slap the visor on my head and I'm good to go. I love it. And then there was the clown. He came in wearing a shirt that repeated, "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me" and as I made his BMT, he said he really was a clown. He and his friend 'Professor Glen' work at a magic store down the road. He came in twice more to get cookies. The third time he brought Glen back with him, who bent keys for us. And he told me his name was Ralph.

Of course, there are kinks. It took us forever to close last night cause I didn't know what I was doing. I got out of there after midnight and started to have a rather interesting imagined conversation: "Harvey, Li'l Cricket closes in five minutes. I don't know if we can make it." You want to get home, don't you? "But can't you wait till later?" You'll forget you need gas and end up being late. "But I just got you gas." Well, if you didn't use the air conditioner so much. "All right, Harvey, you win. You always win." Satisfied RRRrrr.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Can I Live?

I recently discovered the Nick Cannon song "Can I Live?" (hat tip: Amigo) and I fell in love with it. And when I fall in love with music, I just have to have it. Eventually, I discovered a place where I could download it. And after listening to it a few times, my basic conclusion was, "This is an awesome song, I wish everyone could hear it. But you know, it doesn't really have anything to do with me. How could it?"

But then I thought about that a little bit more. And I realized, it could have been me. It could have been anybody. It could have been one of you, it could have been any celebrity or friend or sibling you can think of born after 1973 (not to say it didn't happen before, too). Think about it. Think about if our circumstances had been just a little bit different. It scares me to think that I might not have had the chance to live and love and laugh and mess up. To never get that chance, but instead to be cut off from life before I really had the opportunity to live it.

I'm not saying that I don't think it must be a nasty situation to even think about abortion. I admit, when I look at Austin, I have a hard time understanding how anyone could make the decision to not allow life to a child so beautiful. But I've never been there, and it's not my place to judge. And I'm not saying I haven't made a lot of mistakes in my life. Because I have, and I'm sure I will again. I'm saying that no matter what happens in my life, I will always be grateful to be alive. To be here, to have been allowed the chance to thrive and to struggle. Think about it. Think about what the world would be like without you, if you never even had a chance to make it on your own. And then think about what a poorer place the world must be without the millions of souls that didn't get a chance, the people we will never know on this earth. Think about that, and then decide what you really believe.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oh My Holy Freaking Cow

I think I'm going insane. No, really, I mean it this time. For one, I was lying in bed last night, and I heard a bird. Although unless he's a ventriloquist, it isn't Earl, it's more of a "chirrup" sort of sound. We only have weensy trees on this side of the building, why oh WHY is yet another bird coming to torment me? Do I have some giant only-visible-to-birds target on me? I think this has ruined my ability to appreciate birds. Perhaps for life. Darn.

Now onto the big news. Nope, wait, I can't say the big news yet. Because I hate spoiling surprises. Suffice it to say that I was very, very excited when I heard this news. And then I panicked a little, and went to giggling to myself all last night pretty much. I tend to do that when I'm excited. I want this to stay under wraps, for now, even though it's killing me, it'll be that much sweeter when the day come. Watch this space. And follow the links if you're dying to know.

I do have other big news, though. As some of you may know, I am not coordinated. I am a writer and a singer, but I can't draw worth anything. Or write legibly for that matter. But, as of yesterday, I am an artiste. A sandwich artiste. Because too much time plus not enough money equals- Nettie got another job at Subway. Although it may produce spectacular, linktastic blogs, sitting round at home don't pay those bills. I've only really worked twice, but some things are obvious:

At Bath and Body Works, we wear aprons to look cute and to carry all our female junk around in. At Subway, aprons are so you don't get mustard at your pants. When I'm in the mall, all I get to drink is what I bring, unless someone makes a Chick-Fil-A run and brings me free water. During my first shift at Subway, after pulling a double at BBW running off that water and half a Peach Fanta, I think I filled the 20-ounce cup with Sprite five times in the first hour. Use your imagination on that. Because I do just like to think that I can juggle it all...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Archaic Drinks

Ack, I'm doing it. I'm turning a comment thread into a post. I think some of y'all are being a bad influence... Right. Back to the task at hand. Mourning my puppy...Oops, that wasn't it either. OK. The topic is- Hey, that phrase reminds me of this watch I used to have. Minnie Mouse would say in this squeaky little Minnie Mouse voice, "The time is, 11:15".

I do have a point. Darlene had us talking about sick-time rituals; the prevailing wisdom seemed to be for clear soft drinks. I can remember when I was in the second grade, and had the flu. I consumed nothing but Jell-O and Clear Pepsi. This didn't last long, but apparently it still has its fans. This seems to be true of many retired drinks- Pepsi Blue- which I personally thought tasted like a sickening mix of boysenberry and caffeine, Fresca- I suppose it's all right if you like grapefruit, and even my beloved Peach Fanta- I swear, that was the first result of my Googling. I am torn, between saying, "Get a Life!" and going, "Hey, maybe if I start a website dedicated to Peach Fanta, the Coca-Cola people will magically listen and bring it out of retirement so I can buy it in two-liter size and not feel like I'm blowing my budget when I buy the expensive 20 ounce bottles! That would be awesome!" But then again, this could also be yet another result of too little to do...

Monday, June 13, 2005

When Did I Become One of Those People?

I never really watched much network-type television. I love true-crime stuff- Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, but I didn't do the fake CSI stuff. Same with medical shows- nobody ever lets me watch ER with them cause I sit there and yell at all the mistakes they're making. I love the Golden Girls, because it's one of the few comedies I actually find funny. But drama? Well, I guess when the TV is on all day it was bound to happen....

I'm addicted, folks. I admit it. I'm addicted to some of the very TV dramas I used to rail against. Law & Order: SVU, Strong Medicine, Summerland... I'm trying to figure out how this happened. How, since last summer when I started watching SM, did I become so attached that I get upset over "the ruining of the show's premise" by hiring a male to play the lead? One of the very type of crime shows I used to eschew, now I can't stop watching- although I still think SVU is better than most of the crime shows on network television. I just wonder when I became such a junkie that I could bore people to death by yakking on and on about Summerland. Summerland! I can just hear some of you- "It's a TV show, for Pete's sakes! It isn't real!" I suppose I have far too much time on my hands...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

How Am I?

Because you said that you wanted to know. All righty then.

For some reason, this empty 'Links' folder keeps getting created in my Favorites. I'm constantly deleting it and it just...keeps...coming...back.
the other day I restarted my computer and all my original settings were gone. I freaked out, going, "Where are my Jammy pictures? Where's my music? Where's my Jammy?"
I should really back up my files when I'm bored, I don't want to have any more alarms like that. They might not be false.
I played around with adding Haloscan on my backup template, but I couldn't get the Blogger comments to show back up. And Haloscan only keeps comments for four months.
because I tried one of the responses to "What's up?" and my coworker loved it.
I hate mushrooms. Why on earth would anyone want to eat fungi?
because my managers try so hard and I hate it when things mess with their heads. I love those people.
for blowing, erm, the equivalent of a bad week's paycheck buying Bath and Body Works stuff.
too, because I really haven't done anything for myself like that since Christmas when I thought about it.
of anybody who has a puppy. Because I really, really want a puppy. Not just Neal.
If anybody messes with one of my friends. Don't screw the people I care about cause I'm really loyal.
Really want to see me mad? Here.
You know this one.
Um, well, a cop was following me on the interstate as I was driving home yesterday...
We were talking about when Alisha and I started work at Christmas. Kathleen was like, "You were very quiet." And I can be when I'm not comfortable in a place yet.
I can write a really excellent post that gets lots of comments...OK, so it took me three days...
when I hit my head on the bathroom shelf at work and the next day hit it on my ceiling fan. My brain is fragile. It doesn't need such abuse.
If you make Jell-O Jigglers, and cut them up and put the pieces in Tupperware, and leave them out overnight then rerefrigerate them...they will turn back into a solid mass of Jell-O on the bottom of the Tupperware.
It's amazing how people can make a living shoplifting. We had a group in today that hit four stores in two states in one day, ripping off BBWs and who knows what other stores. They even freaked Harmony out- which is difficult to do.
because I worked way too long on this- finding the pictures, saving the pictures, changing the pictures to JPEGs, uploading them to my other blog, transferring them here so they could be in one post...
What is Disney Channel coming to? Who wants to watch a show about flies?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

For The Curious Ones

There are a lot of serious issues in this world, and in this country, that I think about. Politics, religion, crime, health...If someone asks what I believe about something, I will tell them (or even if they don't ask). Opinionated is a fair description (and probably one of the kinder ones used). If you read some of my comments to others' posts, you'll figure that out. But here? I prefer not to hit you over the head with it. If you nose around, you'll figure out what lies beneath the sweetness and light and bizarre humor. Today, as a special no-morals-here treat, I want to talk to you about....rodents.

But not just any rodents. Chipmunks. More specifically, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Can't you just hear "The Chipmunk Song"? No? The Chipmunks were the brainchild of a man named Ross Bagdasarian, later voiced by his son Ross Bagdasarian Junior. The basic concept of normal voices speeded up to sound like that one Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz proved to be hilarious down through the years. This is the stuff of my indefinitely extended childhood. Reruns of "Alvin and the Chipmunks"...

And the music. What would Christmas be without "Christmas Don't Be Late" (a.k.a. "The Chipmunk Song")? But the Chipmunks are more than annoying relatives that just show up at Christmas. They sing the Beatles, run for President, venture into CCM. So, my friends, embrace the Chipmunks. They taught me how to recite 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, and that sometimes you can find fun CD's for five bucks at Walgreens. But perhaps most of all, the Chipmunks helped me to appreciate my inner child that won't shut up. For there's nothing quite like a good Chipmunks song sung at the top of the lungs....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

What's Up?

Ever wonder when questions became greetings? People say to me, "Hey Nettie, how are you?" But come on, do they really want to know? I usually say, "I'm fine," or something to that variant. But what happens if I say something like, "I have to go out to my car to talk on the phone cause I can't find my regular charger, and much as I love playing in the rain, it's really annoying." I'm guessing it would be along the lines of, "Oh. Okay. Um, sorry," as they wander off with a confused look on their face, going, "Whatever happened to cheerful Nettie?" Then I would just sit back laughing.

"What are you thinking?" "Well, actually, I was wondering why they're making a Tarzan II when they already made a Tarzan and Jane sequel, so rightfully it should be called something like Tarzan: The Beginning, because it is the second Tarzan sequel; so it isn't Two, but it is set before Tarzan and Jane, actually sort of in the middle of the original Tarzan story, so maybe it should be called Tarzan: In the Middle. Why?" "Sure, OK. Uh, just curious."

"So what's up?" I might say "The sky." Which usually elicits a "You're so weird, Nettie." "And you're just now figuring this out?" But usually I just say, "Nothing much," figuring they really don't want to know. This bothers me; I want to come up with some snarkily brilliant reply that stops them in their tracks and makes them think, "Wow, Nettie is so weird." But then again, when people that really want to know what's up ask me this, I draw a blank. I never know what to say to this seemingly simple question. I guess it depends on whether the person really wants to know, or just thinks that they want to know. Because it might be a surprise if they are just being 'polite'. And if you really want to know? Well, I just hope you're ready for the ride.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Memes Anonymous

My name is Nettie and I'm a...Wait, what am I? A blogaholic? A memeoholic? A person who spends entirely too much time on the Internet? OK, let's just forget that last one and do the meme already...

1. Blogger that you most want to meet in person? Paula, because I'm sure she's as sweet in real life as she is online (right, Cindy-Lou?) And Becca...she knows why.

2. Blogger who makes you laugh the most? There's a no-brainer. Gotta give it up for Jeff and Darlene. Shaded Snarkiness: The Tour. Coming soon to a blog near you.

3. Blogger whose template(skin) is the coolest? I was actually admiring Emily's today. I especially like her comment box- it just melds with her site so well. And Sweetie's- it doesn't make much sense, which is why I like it.

4. Blogger you can't wait to read a new entry from? It's a definite guilty pleasure, but Anti. And a relatively new pleasure- Janette, who manages to put together social commentary and funny bits of life in a way that actually works.

This meme brought to you by Janie. Since I'm in a super good mood still over my blogiversary, I won't tag Unless, of course, you want to be tagged...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Nettie's Awesome, Linktastic, Insanely Long Blogiversary Extravaganza

I started this whole thing because I was bored. There is really no deeper meaning to it than that. I never dreamed how much this would come to mean to me, how much I would see and learn from what started as a desire to carve out my own little notch in cyberspace. As I look back on this year, so much has happened, and gradually my blog became such an important part of it. So if you will allow me to remember...

I wasn't one of those people who started off and quickly had a lot of readers. I didn't have a clue. My first post was a political rant- that I probably have in common with many others. I don't think I figured out links for six months in. I'm not a perfectionist really, but when it comes to blogging I've become one, and it drives me nuts to look at my early stuff, seeing how horrible I think it is now. I did attract a few people in those early days- I was happy if I got even one comment! Somehow, though, they all seemed to drift away, so I went for a while being one of those "boring-diaries-of-my-life-that-no-one-reads".

In the middle of November, I happened upon Blair, who I just loved cause she was pregnant at the time, and I was waiting for my niece or nephew to be born. Those early posts still make me cringe, but I was improving. I think. And in December- Mark, and Sweetie, and Edwin. Things were picking up- I had learned to love my job, and not just because it provided endless entertaining fodder for my blog. And I had people who were actually reading me. But the explosion was yet to come...

It's all thanks to Darlene. I came across her blog like I did a lot of others- by hitting the next blog button- but this one was a real treasure. And through my inserting myself into her clique- Jeff, Paula, Cindy-Lou; through them, others, as I picked up a few more on my own. Suddenly, I looked around, and I had a community. One that would soon, I have to use this word, serve me in ways I hadn't imagined.

February 11. This is still so hard for me to write about. It's the night I found out that my cousin Kevin was dead. I'd written a slightly cranky post the day before- I don't even remember what I was upset about now- but had planned a nice cheerful post to make up for it. But the second I heard that news...I've said before that it was a grief like no other I have ever experienced. I'm normally a pretty strong person, but I just fell apart. And at three in the morning, when I couldn't sleep, I came to my computer. I know y'all's prayers were what kept me going and functioning, that weekend and during many of the days that followed. And I took comfort in the fact that I could tell his family that people all over the world were lifting them up. I was overwhelmed by the support I got. And when I try to tell people how much this blog means to me, this is what I say: Thank you for that. Thank all of you for that.

I guess that was a turning point, of sorts. I realized the support I had in cyberspace. And maybe even more than that, the support that I could provide in cyberspace. That was when Darlene put together my current gorgeous design, which I am slowly learning to add to and play with, and occasionally screw up. Plus, a photo account, and an adjunct blog for pictures and stuff. As for the future, I have no foreseeable plans to expand into a dotcom, since my blogging budget sits at zero. Besides, I have a demented affection for Blogger. I do hope to see my readership increase, but not to the point that I can't interact with each of you. I'll never be one of the biggies. Which may be because although I have pretty strong opinions, I usually end up yakking about basically nothing. I think it's a good thing when I can go through my archives, and see the old comments that still make me laugh. I love all of y'all, and even if you weren't specifically mentioned (or plagiarized), I was thinking about you!

If any of you actually clicked on all the links, I am seriously impressed. But enough history. It's time to celebrate. The question is, how? My first thought was to yank some chains, pretending that at long last, I would actually reveal my real name. But that would only be fun for me. Giving you one no-holds-barred question? Too revealing. Idea I had in bed at 3 A.M.? Lost it. Pictures? Boring. So finally, I decided to leave it up to you. After all, without you, all this effort would be wasted. How do you want to party? Make it awesome! But please do leave me some nice comments- I worked waaaaaay too long and hard on this. So spread the word, Nettie's having a knock-down, drag-out, year-in-the-making BLOWOUT!!!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Three, Not Five, Times Seven

From Emily, cause I'm a sucker for memes.
*3 names I go by: To most, I am Nettie. Nellie is an acceptable variation. My manager Kathleen calls me Nettie Boo-Boo (and yes, she is the only one allowed to call me that).
*3 physical things I like about myself: I like my hair a lot. I can eat anything and not gain weight. I enjoy being tall, especially when I'm around people shorter than me.
*3 physical things I dislike about myself: My lousy vision. My big feet- it's hard to find cute shoes. And my face when it breaks out.
*3 parts of my heritage: Well, I'm indirectly descended from Thomas Jefferson. Other than that, I think it's an even mix of Cherokee and English.
*3 things I am wearing right now: My Animal pajama pants. A T-shirt from some long-ago retreat. And my glasses that are broken and put together with tape like Harry Potter's.
*3 favorite bands / musical artists: If I had to pick three, Amy Grant, definitely. And probably Point of Grace and Natalie Merchant.
*3 favorite songs: If you exclude ones from the artists above for variety, Arise My Love, Newsong. I think that is the most powerful song. Then Over It, Anneliese Van Der Pol, and Place in This World, Michael W. Smith.
*3 things I want in a relationship: A cold, wet, nose, is housebroken, and the ability to sit and stay (now get your minds out of the gutter, you KNOW what I mean).
*3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me: Uh, well, God created man, and He created woman, and without both life couldn't continue. There, that's three.
*3 of my favorite hobbies: Blogging, reading while I watch TV, and annoying my friends.
*3 things I want to do really badly right now: Watch the Sound of Music ( I will when I go to bed) and eat, yet again. I really want to post my one-year blog celebration, but that can't go up til the 5th.
*3 things that scare me: Cops, wasps- any stinging insect really, and the thought of Austin hurting.
*3 of my everyday essentials: Computer, television, and Coke.
*3 careers you have considered or are considering: Medicine or physical therapy, psychology, and journalism or writing.
*3 places you want to go on vacation: The Mutter Museum- yeah I'm grotesque. I've never been to Great Britain, and I want to go somewhere in Central or South America, someplace with a lot of jungle.
*3 kids’ names you like: Fiona Diana- Fiona for the character from So Weird, not Shrek, Diana for Princess Diana. Bianca Jane- Jane for my grandmother, and then she could be B.J. if she wants to. And Kevin Ian- I like Ian, and Kevin so my children will know how much he meant to me.
*3 things you want to do before you die: Learn to speak Spanish fluently. Before I turned eighteen, it was to vote, so I've already accomplished that- of course I intend to do it repeatedly. And I'd love to get published in some form.
*3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: I like snakes, I am perpetually hyper, and I can't cook.
*3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: I love fragrant body products (obviously). I suffer from the inabiilty to shut up, and I have no upper body strength. Or lower, for that matter. (Don't hit me, guys, they're stereotypes).
*3 celeb crushes: Luke Skywalker, Elliot Stabler from SVU, and, all right, Josh Hartnett.
*3 people who are up next: Becca- so you're off the hook for the last few. And since it's the weekend and traffic's low, anyone who this intriuges. Do come back as soon as it hits the 5th, though, cause I'll have The Extravaganza up.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Deja Interview

Over at My Magnificent Life, Not, the interview game we were all playing a while back has been brought back to life. For who doesn't love talking about themselves?

1. What do you like about my blog that kept you coming back? I like that we are half a world apart and so there are naturally a lot of differences- in pop culture, and language. Yet we still have stuff in common- annoying friends, and difficulties with school. Life is life- and in the end, your blog is cool!

2. If you were to choose between Aristotle and Brad Pitt, who would you choose and why? Well, I think Brad Pitt is a jerk, and I've never really been one to drool over movie stars. So I guess Aristotle by default. At least he was more than a sycophant.

3. Apart from pasta, what else do you know how to cook? List down 10 items. Uh...this is hard. Grilled chicken. Brownies. Hamburgers. Jell-O. Cookies. Ravioli. Ooh, quesadillas! Although that's basically the chicken in a tortilla. Muffins. I do a really good, trademarked hot chocolate. And I can make butterbeer! As in the Harry Potter kind.

4. Do you need to study more than your peers? It depends on what you define as peers. In high school I never had to study, but college doesn't work that way.

5. Have you and will you consider having an Asian boyfriend? I've never had an Asian boyfriend, but I don't discriminate. If he was the right guy, at the right time, for me to go out with, then sure. I'd go for it.

I think a lot of y'all have already done this, but if you never got the chance, or are new to the blogging game, then here are the rules: Leave a comment asking me to interview you, and I'll think of five bizarre questions to ask you, which you'll post the answers to along with an offer to do the same for the first five who comment on yours. Hey, we could get a whole 'nother circle of interviews going here!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I Am So Telling

Since I know she doesn't like to toot her own horn, I will do it for her. A very happy birthday to our dear Paula! Actually, her sister-in-law Cindy-Lou was the first one to spill it, but I have her permission to spread the word, so here we go.

Paula, I hope you know the tremendous difference you make in people's lives. I was so touched by what you recently wrote for Tink and Darlene, and I know they were too. I admire your attitude so much. You always give the glory to God, and more than once you have challenged me to think. Even if you never know it here, I know your words were sent from God to me, and I know I am not the only one. Even in the midst of sorrow, you remain faithful and cheerful. I love it when you let your playful spirit shine through! I look forward to eons of blogging together, and I know you will contionue to shine God's light around the world through your writing.

I meant every word of that, but now it's time to CELEBRATE!!! Jeff, don't forget the donuts, and if I lived in the same state, I would attempt to bake you a cake. And now, let us all join in the famous Viking birthday song that I really should put on Audioblogger cause it's hilarious. Paula, I hope you really enjoy your special day, and remember we love ya!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Accomplishments. Right?

Actually, my life is pretty boring. But I have done a few things in the past few days...
*Invented an addendum to "A watched pot never boils"- "If you don't watch the pot, it boils over".
*Especially if you forgo meaurements and just dump the water and pasta in there.
*Got adventurous with the Jell-O. I made "Island Pineapple." I don't think it tastes like island pineapple, it just tastes...yellow.
*Adventurous meaning I made Jigglers in a flavor other than Berry Blue, my favorite. Which, incidentally, makes my hands turn blue.
*Much as I love Destiny's Child, I have no desire to hear "Soldier" being blasted out of the apartemnt next door. OK, so that's not really an accomplishment...
*This is actually useful- figured out how to make the water come out of the showerhead hot, not just the faucet.
*I'm trying to talk my roommates into going to Memphis to try out for the Jeopardy College Tournament, but they're more excited about the Wheel of Fortune-Mobile. I suck at Wheel of Fortune.
*Added both a cute puppy and a guest map to the page (pin on it, will ya?) What's more, I neither screwed up my template while doing this, and remembered to back up the template when I was done.
*Realized that my one-year blogiversary is coming up on Sunday. Stay tuned...