Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Here Am I

I hate finals. And studying. And school. OK, not really, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it, but I just get sick of it by this point. Anyway, Thanksgiving was OK I guess. Nobody blew up. Which is always a plus. Sound really disjointed tonight. At least I'm updating. Finals are next week, I'm already dreading them. Urgh. I promise I will post later when I am more articulate.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Urgh. I am up to my ears in work this week...will post the gory details later....

Friday, November 12, 2004

What'll It Be?

The verdict in the Scott Peterson case that is...one has been reached and will be released soon...Anyway, thought I'd share some more about Little Bit, which is what my sister is calling her unborn child. I am the youngest, Melissa is ten years older than me and my other sister is three years older. I love kids and always wanted a younger sibling but I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I have always looked forward to having a niece or a nephew. I always thought when I had my own kids I'd want to be surprised, but it's driving me crazy not knowing which it's going to be and it's not even my kid! I really would be happy with either one, but I will say I would love to have a little niece to share stuff with...but she isn't getting her hands on my American Girl collection until she is old enough to appreciate it fully! I suppose a nephew would be fun too, I grew up with all girls so it would be different. Whenever I see babies I just get so excited knowing I will have a new little relative...Melissa is due on the 22nd of April. I have told her she is not allowed to have Little Bit on my birthday, the 14th, because I don't want to share. If it is close we will probably end up celebrating together anyway. I'm not sure when my exams will be over, they usually are the first week of May. I know I am going to want to drive down there as soon as Little Bit is born, but I can't if I have exams! And I would never be able to concentrate until I got to see him or her. I really shouldn't be this excited because there are still several months to go...but I am going to be a great aunt!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004


I hate looking at pictures of myself, but at least those are more recent. I dressed up two times and Sherill used her digital, so there ya go. Enjoy. Anyway, another boring night, so I will offer some random commentary! And maybe I'll actually make the links work right, we shall see.
The woman is a great-grandmother and got pregnant with twins at age 59, with no medical intervention. She'll have an interesting non-retirement I suppose...
I'm not going to comment on what kind of man I think Arafat was, just say that maybe peace can happen now...You can always have hope that things will be better for the Israelis and the Palestinians...And at least now there won't be any more conflicting reports on whether he's dead or alive.
I wish I had known it was Veterans' Day today. Then maybe I could have done something more celebratory instead of sitting downtown wondering why the cops had every single street leading back to campus blocked off. I ended up calling people, going, "I'm bored, I've been sitting at this light for seven minutes, I'm going to be late for class..." I suppose I should have figured it out when I saw all the people in military uniforms earlier in the day...but did they have to block off every street even remotely going close to campus? I couldn't turn the right way to save my life, not even sure how I ended up getting back and of course I wasn't on time...But for the record, I did not skip anything today, even though I really wanted to. Go me.

Cruella DeVil, the Friday before Halloween Posted by Hello

Me as Cruella DeVil, Halloween Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Unusually Boring

I really don't have anything to do tonight as far as schoolwork goes. It's very strange. I actually managed to get a nap in before my meeting, which I never do, but I guess the several nights of falling asleep studying and waking up early to actually get into the bed got to me...I got nominated for volunteer coordinator of the College Republicans, and nobody else did so I'll probably get it. I think it's kind of a perfect position for me, lots of people are running for chair or vice chair but I don't want THAT much responsibility, at least not right now. And volunteering is what I like best about being a Republican, so I'm excited about that. It'll also be something good to put on my resume, since I know my grades are going to be shot this semester. It might not be so bad if I hadn't gotten two C's in some of the intro classes already. I don't mind taking those over if it'll raise my GPA, but I honestly can't see myself doing anything besides medicine. A lot of my friends are dropping pre-med cause the sciences are too hard, but I'm still holding on to that dream....It is so strange that I don't have to do anything, there are of course lots of things I could do, like get ready for the exams, but that's not happening...Maybe I'll actually get some sleep...

Monday, November 08, 2004

Nettie Hates the E.R.

OK, so I don't really, cause I'd be dead several times over without it, I just HATE having to go there. I'm not even counting how long it is between times anymore, I think it was a month. It wasn't anything too major, not anaphylaxis this time, just another asthma attack. I am back on the fun steroids again, so I will have eaten all of the 40-some dollars worth of food I bought yesterday by the time I am finished with them. It's not like I don't need them, though...and I managed to avoid the ambulance this time too, Meka and Katie took me again. I don't think it was anybody's idea of a fun Saturday night...but at least it wasn't the night before an organic test like the last one...Argh, I had something really intelligent I was going to say instead of all this whining. Oh well, maybe I'll think of it later.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

My People

Sorry for the duplicate post there, it should be fixed. Now for those of you who are actually keeping track of those that I write about...
Kevin is doing ok, still hanging in there. His bone marrow transplant is going to be done, but in Richmond since that is where they know him. The donor is coming from the national registry, and the New York doctors will be consulting so he gets the benefit of their expertise as well. They are waiting until all the cancer spots are gone (he's still on chemo) before they do it, though, becuase they think that might be partly why the stem cell transplant didn't work. So hopefully he will be able to get that soon.
My sister Melissa is now in her second trimester and finally gaining some weight like she's supposed to. She has another ultrasound soon but her husband Zach isn't letting her find out whether she's having a boy or a girl because he wants to be surprised and she wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut. I'm dying to know, but I guess I'll just have to keep saying that I'm going to have a niece or a nephew in April. I am so excited about that though!!!!!
Now for another person I haven't yet talked about. My friend Karen, who was my physical therapist for a long time cause of my knee problems, had been fortunate so far. Her husband is in the Army and so far they were able to stay here together. Now, however, he has been sent to Iraq. They have a little boy who is adorable and only two years old. It's going to be very hard on her, being by herself and hoping that Marc will be ok. So Karen, Marc, and Cameron will be in my thoughts and prayers as he serves his country.
And what a wonderful country it is! I am just so excited about the election results, I know not everyone is but I am so happy all our work turned out!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


C'mon, y'all knew this was coming...I am ecstactic over the events of Tuesday. Jim DeMint is South Carolina's new junior senator, which means all the work I and lots of other people did to get him there paid off...We knew Bush would win S.C. so Senator DeMint's campaign was where we centered...So no more Inez Tenenbaum, ha!...but of course just as exciting is that BUSH WON!!!! We did it!!!! And it was clear this time, no nasty long recounts, so I close with......
VIVA LA BUSH!!!!!!!!